Love According to God-No Love? You Might Not Be His

1 John 3:14

We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.

We are continuing on with our devotional series on love. We have defined love, talked about what love is and covered ways love can be put into action. Today is not going to be a particularly uplifting devotional, but hopefully will be something to think about and consider.

The verse above clearly refers to Salvation. Salvation is when we pass from death to life, and to not be saved is to still abide and death. But there are two other key components of that passage we are going to briefly look at.

First is the statement that if we don’t love the brethren, we still abide in death. That is a harsh statement on the surface. If we profess salvation, and do not love our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, there are only two alternatives. One is that we are saved, but simply in full rebellion against Jesus’ command to love. In that case, we should certainly feel the conviction and chastisement of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Option two is simple; our profession of faith may not have been real!

But, there is quite an upside as well. This we find in the statement, “we know.” When we talk about the Assurance of Salvation, we aren’t just talking about the fact that it is eternal and that we never lose it; we are also talking about the fact that we can KNOW we have salvation through Jesus Christ. And love is one of the tools God has so wonderfully given us to provide assurance. Feeling doubtful? We all have at times. Do you really, truly demonstrate love towards your Brothers and Sisters in Christ? Then, you are probably doubting for no good reason.

Turn lose of your doubts (the ones Satan so desperately wants you to hang on to), and get busy in your freedom in Jesus doing the thing or things He has actually called you to do!

3 thoughts on “Love According to God-No Love? You Might Not Be His

  1. “Today is not going to be a particularly uplifting devotional, but hopefully will be something to think about and consider.”

    Brother, like Death being a part of Life, it isn’t always a joyful time, but it is necessary to contemplate and understand and consider it’s place in God’s plans for us. So it is when we HAVE to talk about sin. Think of it this way, we wouldn’t have to talk about God’s Love and the Joy of serving Him and one another if there was NO sin! We have a reason then to talk about the Joys of Salvation and God’s Unconditional Love. AND we never have to talk about sin alone, for like Death, there is ALWAYS something more that comes after! Death unto Eternal Life, Sin unto forgiveness and Redemption!

    What a glorious and wonderful plan the Lord has for His Creation! God Bless!

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    1. Great point, Roland. Talking about sin matters a great deal, even thought it’s not pleasant. We need to understand our sinful condition to even understand why we need salvation; that is part of repentance. So, thanks for the encouraging word, my friend.

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